Saturday, October 01, 2005

Spinning for Speed

For a great tutorial on spinning for speed see Carolyn's blog. I've watched her do this in person and it is amazing. I was able to get this, but haven't done it in a while so I'm hoping the bicycle analogy is right. She's right about the relaxed thing. Have a drink first!

No, I'm not even finished winding the warp, but just knowing it's down there waiting makes me feel so much better. The empty loom was just depressing.

I'm listening to The Constant Gardener on my iPod. I've never read a le Carre book before and the story is intriguing. The problem is that I only have time to listen before going to sleep and I'm so tired I'm gone before I remember to turn it off.

Back to the grind. Saturday's are for writing. Let's hope it's not as disjointed as this blog entry.


  1. The husband LOVES LeCarre; I like him too but haven't read all that much. If you have Netflix, there are many great films/tv series of his books, esp. the Smiley ones. Alec Guinness IS Smiley. I love Smiley. You have to try the Smiley books.

  2. I have been drooling over your spinning. I am a novice (spindling for 3 months, got my wheel, a used Louet S10, last week) and I am soaking up every bit of info I can...along with admiring the amazing work others do.
    Thanks for great info and a fabulous read. I'll be back!