Thursday, October 20, 2005

Now You Might Think

I've been typing away without any fiber fix at all. Ha! I bought this gorgeous 4.5 lb. Shetland in September.

Today I came home to this lovely white Shetland lamb fleece, just over 3 pounds.

I finally finished winding the towel warp and presleyed the reed earlier this week. Since the weather is not going to be conducive for fleece washing this weekend I should be able to get it beamed and threaded.

Now for the big question, what am I going to do with this?

It looks like a space ship ran into Mae West! Mary Maxim must think this is going to drum up sales. I didn't realize they were still in business. My aunt used to buy these wild intarsia golf sweater patterns from them.


  1. Mmm, love Shetland! I've been playing with (new-to-me vendor) rovings, haven't felt like digging in raw fleece after I gave Elaine's Spin-X back.

  2. Glad the comments link is fixed and thanks for letting me know. Missed you at Rhinebeck! The fleeces look FABULOUS. You may get your washing done this weekend if Wilma keeps slowing down...

  3. Gorgeous fleeces! Reminds me I have a bunch of natural colored shetland rovings in a bin more thing that's been languishing...sigh.

  4. I don't know about the blue hairy yarn........but oh that Shetland is something to behold! Just lovely! You will have fun with those fleeces for sure!

  5. blue hairy yarn: Hallowe'en costume??

  6. Marie6:30 AM

    No one else has asked: WHY do you have that yarn? I do not need a muppet scarf, so please don't make anything for me!

  7. The shetland is too enticing. What are you going to do with it?

  8. The fuzzy yarn...well...mmmmmmmm, I don't know :-)
    The Shetland, oh what fun you'll have with it! I certainly have my share of Shetland and I am really enjoying spinning it.

  9. Wow! Beautiful fleeces!!!
    The Disco yarn need to be a boa!