Monday, October 10, 2005

Here I Thought

I'd at least be able to say I had the warp wound. I ran downstairs everytime I had a free minute. A few turns at a time. This evening I ran down while the oven preheated and BAM! the cone was finished. I have 382 ends out of the 512 I need. I thought I had enough, but now I remember I upped the length of the warp. It's an off white 8/2 mill end. I guess I could get something close and then divide it evenly throughout. No other choice, since 19" in the reed is too narrow for towels.

I moved my Joy up to the Thesis Room and have been sneaking in a couple of treadles here and there. You can take the woman away from the fiber, but you can't keep the fiber away from the woman!

Chapter one submitted four days ahead of schedule. Chapter two is coming along but is not going to be finished before this weekend. Of course that means Rhinebeck is a no go. (sob)

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  1. Oh dear! I feel your pain. This was gonna be my year to make the pilgrimage, but I think the tour from Utah will be a bit much for a weekend.