Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Already?

Wow! Sometimes time really has a way of escaping, doesn't it? I had a short week last week. No school Monday, got out early Thursday due to the impending storm that wasn't really that big, but it was big enough to give me a two hour delay on Friday. So why does it feel like my whole week was taken up by school?

I did decide to continue on with my crocheted border for the Brushstrokes vest. I took out the first one, went down a hook size, and picked up less stitches. One more row around, then a finishing row of crab stitch. Thanks to all who gave me advice.

This weekend I'm trying to put together two shelving units to hold the receiver, speakers, and my growing collection of cds and dvds. They are to flank the television and eventually I plan on making a shelf to span the units and enclose the tv, hopefully making it look like it doesn't dominate the room. I needed to take advantage of this lull in the weather and get outside and cut some of the wood. The garage is so wet (from snow melting off the car) that I couldn't work out there, so I ended up working on a drop cloth in the living room. Just a little tip for those who may be planning the same project. When you are scooting down the side pieces screwing in the shelf supports, make sure you ass clears the previously screwed down supports. Ouch! Of course, the fact that they are only about 3/4" high doesn't say much for my arm strength or, for that matter, the size of said ass.

There has been a little fiber progress. The hooded cotton baby sweater has been sewn together and is drying now. I finally got the two green plaid baby blankets serged and I'm going to have to handsew the hems. My machine is going to need to go in for a tune up.

I hadn't realized how long it's been since I've spun. The last thing was the Brushstrokes. So I pulled out two balls of Shetland roving I bought at Rhinebeck and got one of them spun yesterday.

This came from Eileen Testo, Weston Hill Farms, along with a 2.5 pound fleece that is washed and waiting my attention. Come to think of it, when was the last time I carded anything?


  1. I'm having a hard time imagining the ass-endangerment situation, but I'm happy for your survival. ;-)

  2. OK, I'm seeing *outside* in pajamas?!? I think you need to sew up some workpants, girlfriend! And those do *not* look like OSHA approved workboots, either. I must be missing my kids: I have to mother *someone*!

  3. I haven't spun in so long I'm getting scared-- There's going to be that awkward first session where I have reacquaint myself with it all by spinning lumpy stuff. Sigh. That'll teach me to go off and do other things like learn to quilt.

  4. Marie8:39 AM

    Re: photo #1
    You are a "vision", a true vision. A fashion plate, a goddess. You have made my day, Builder-babe.

  5. Hey, I need some shelves too, want to come over and make me some?