Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm Going to Have to Think About This

The vest is seamed and I've done two rows of single crochet around the arms, but I'm not sure that the 5 or 6 rows I have planned are going to keep the bottom from rolling up. It's not blocked yet, so that will help. If it doesn't hold I'll just have to go with a ribbed band.

If you're looking for buttons, check Cathy's links in the comments to my previous entry. I found some winners!


  1. Argh!! The dreaded roll. I hate that. Good luck with the crochet thing.

  2. Those colors are beautiful! What about a row of backwards single crochet? Instead of going from right to left, go left to right. It stabilizes the edge better for me.

  3. carol5:32 AM

    It looks lovely! I tend to agree with angi, I use that stitch (known as crab stitch over here) a lot to finish things with a nice edge.

  4. From swatch to sweater in two posts, hot damn! Looks great, nice colors, and done in time to still wear this winter! (I haven't gotten that part down yet.)

  5. Sylvia7:12 AM

    The only thing worse than roll-up is flip-up! Best of luck!

  6. I vote for crab stitch, too. Barring that, you could knit a facing. I've done this (use a thinner yarn so it doesn't look bulky) and it prevents flip up quite nicely.

  7. it looks wonderful and i love the colors!! cant wait to see it

  8. Completely unrelated to your post..
    I've searched but didn't find an email for you, so I just comment here. Thanks for making the weave ring available, I just applied for it. I did save your image on my server to save you bandwidth (which could get large if the ring grows) but also had to crop it down a bit because my sidebar isn't all that wide. I hope you don't mind!! Please let me know, otherwise I have to find another solution.