Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Change from the Blankets

You know, there are just so many blankets you can make before you come up for air! I decided Ava needed a little cotton sweater for the spring. I made one for her big sister, Isabella, so now it's her turn. This is from Elann's Endless Summer Collection Lara. Despite the color's name of mauve, it's really more of a lavender. The yarn is mercerized and has a lovely sheen to it, however not a lot of fun to knit. It splits very easily, but I'm only doing the ribbing by hand - the main pieces were done on the KnitSmart. You may notice the rug warp used as waste yarn! I'll get the cuffs done tonight and then sew it all together and do the front bands. Guess I can't do the buttonhole band until I get the buttons, though.

I didn't get many parents at the conference yesterday. We were there from 12:00 to 7:30 and I had 30 students represented, out of 149. There was lots of time for knitting and I finished the back of the Beast jacket and started on one of the fronts. This is so heavy I'm going to have to seam it with some finer wool.


  1. What's a KnitSmart? Is that like a Bond?

  2. The same gauge - 8mm. I think the guy that started the business had been in the Bond organization. I got it around 1990; they were only made for a few years. The carriage is sturdier than a Bond, and it does intarsia without a separate carriage.