Sunday, January 30, 2005


I released the tension right before advancing the loom, but the phone rang. No one was home, so I had to pick it up. (Believe me, I usually try not to answer it.) That's when I noticed the discrepancy between the three yarns. It looks disastrous, but actually once the warp is under tension you don't notice it much. The darker green (yes, despite what the picture looks like, it is green) barely relaxed, the white drooped considerably, and the lighter green was between them. It has to be the difference in the yarns, because the colors rotate between the two blocks, so it can't be the harnesses. Or could it?

Marie, now that the samples are done this is going to be two more baby blankets. One baby girl was born tonight, three more to go.


  1. Is this a Fatal Error? Why/how would it happen? (inquiring wannabe-weavers need to know!)

  2. Is the white stretching more? Is it all theoretically the same yarn? The white looks less shiny in the photos, could be the colors were mercerized more? I think it'll be fine, but may pucker a bit in the washing afterward. Weave on, let us know!