Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I have a handspun sweater that just didn't fit right. It was too wide and too short. So last night I took it all apart, skeining the yarn on my niddy noddy. It looked like a pile of curly spaghetti, but it's been washed and will be ready to go tomorrow. I worked up a sample on the KnitSmart and hopefully I'll have the major pieces done by the weekend. Ribbing will probably have to wait for next week.

On the spinning front, I really loved June's yarn, spun from batts she bought at MDSW. No wonder I was so attracted to it, I bought three of the same batts (Brushstrokes) from Indigo Moon Farm at SOAR this fall! I spun a little sample tonight. Now to decide what movies I'll watch this weekend.

Indigio Moon Farm, Brushstrokes


  1. You, me, and *and* Claudia! :D It *is* a pretty thing. What weight yarn are you going to make?

  2. I'm going to sample a few weights, knit them up, then decide. I have so much I want to be sure before I go ahead and spin it all.