Sunday, January 16, 2005

Productive Day

I did another Sabracon F color triangle. This time I used scarlet, turquoise, and navy. It was rather a sedate group, the scarlet is much softer than fuschia, but it gave me a good range of blues.

Since I was going to do fat eighths, along with the watercolor paper strips, I had a little more prep work. I scoured the white muslin with synthrapol and soda ash. Then after drying I tore 9" strips across the width, then tore that in half, giving me 9"x22" rectangles. I put them back in the washer and filled up the rinse cycle, spinning most of the moisture out. While it was spinning out I started numbering plastic 9 oz cups.

I poured out the 1% solutions into smaller cups (from liquid detergent) and got the syringes, paper towel stacks, rinse water, etc. ready.

I mixed 10ml of solution for 6 cups at a time (since that's how many blocks I have on a strip) and painted the strip. Then I added 30ml water to each cup and added a piece of fabric (seen below).

I put the cups in cardboard boxes and held them for awhile.

I added 30ml of soda ash solution and stuck them in the basement bathroom where I kicked up the heat to 75° and left them to batch overnight.

Here are the strips, you'll have to wait a day or two for the fabric.

I also got one of the three bouts wound for the two block twill. I think I'll call it a day.


  1. You are a dyeing queen!

  2. Looks like you had a great day! Dyeing is such fun.