Sunday, January 16, 2005

Movies, Movies

Anticipating this three day weekend, I rushed home from school Friday and by 4:00 PM was spinning more of these lovely batts and watching Empire of the Sun. Christian Bale did an amazing job as a pampered prep school boy manically racing around the Japanese camp. I've seen it before, but found it more heartbreaking this time.

I showed you a bobbin of the Brushstrokes but never posted a picture of the batts in all their glory. I would have been finished plying last night, but I didn't feel like going down stairs to use the skein winder to free up a bobbin.

Besides marathon spinning yesterday I watched Obsession very much in the Hitchcock genre, but not quite there. I think it was the melodramatic music that did it in for me.

Despite the siren call of my fiber, I forced myself to go to the gym yesterday. It was my third visit after my very long furlough, and surprisingly it was a good work out. All cardio, I'll start back with the weights next week. Feeling virtuous I went straight to Joann's with my 50% of any item coupon and picked up a bolt of white muslin.

I'm going to do another color triangle today and dumping the 10 ml of dye after painting each piece just went against my nature. So, I'm going to use the low water immersion technique and sop up the dye with a fat eighth and then batch in a baggie. I did a three color gradation a year or two ago which led to a couple large wallhangings for Josh's apartment. Presently they are living in a box in the linen closet. He wants to keep them for his next place (which hopefully won't have as bad walls), I'm rooting for making rag rugs with them.

Last night found me watching The Hours with Laura. So many great actors and wonderful performances,but Good God, what a depressing movie! I kept watching, hoping, but no bright spots. Well, there were some, but they were provided by Josh, watching playoff games in the family room with his buddies. Some of the comments, yelled in unison, were pretty funny. We actually had to stop the dvd when the game went into overtime. All I can say is, if this is what they do when they are watching other teams, I'm glad I won't see him today at the Linc. He's already there - cooking steak and egg sandwiches and waiting impatiently for the kick-off.


  1. Joann's must function as the carrot.

  2. Nice spinning...but WOW, isn't it time for some light entertainment?! I agree with you on The was all I could do to get up and walk out of the theater when I saw it, I was so depressed! Can't wait to see your dye results!

  3. Debbie Smith8:01 AM

    I wish I knew how to spin the wool!! I love what you do with your fibers. Abfab (absolutely fabulous.) I hope your weather settles down. Ours is weird this year too. (Tennessee) Can I buy some sport weight yarn from you???