Saturday, January 29, 2005


I love the sight of a new warp, smooth and full of possibilities.

This is the two block twill I talked about earlier. At the very bottom I was trying out sewing thread for the hem turn under. I was going to do 4 repeats for each color, but accidentally only did three for the lighter green. I like that better, but since the first 15" are going to be cut up for samples anyway, I didn't bother to redo it. (Of course, it won't be as loose after it's washed in hot water and dried.)

I'm not going to do a plain weave header as it will probably turn out wider than the body of the blanket. I'll start with 1/2" in sewing thread and do 5 repeats.

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  1. Lovely! You're making me anxious for the loom room DH is planning for me in the basement.

  2. Marie8:41 PM

    Other than the samples, what will the final product be? I love the colors.

  3. Nice Spring colors!

  4. Catherine8:37 AM

    oooh, purty!

  5. carol9:32 AM

    We are both sitting here admiring your warp - one day, that too! Oh, and thanks for all the blog encouragement!