Monday, January 10, 2005

Finishing Up

Not much new to blog about. I spent a lot of time this weekend doing fiberish pursuits, but nothing to show for it.

Friday night I celebrated Roc Day all by myself, spinning the Brushstrokes and watching Mona Lisa Smile. Pleasant little movie, but didn't knock my socks off. The wool/alpaca/silk blend, however, does!

I didn't finish the recycled sweater because I forgot that the reason I had three KnitSmart carriages was due to the breakdown of the electronic counter that's built into it. You are merrily knitting along and then blam! The counter resets to zero. I put a tablet next to the table and I counted out loud in tens, put a slash mark, count ten more. I hope no one was around, because I sounded like a two year old watching Sesame Street. I finished the back and then came up to my computer and ordered a new counter. Works the old fashioned way. Hits a little wire and counts down another number. With any luck it will be here by the weekend.

Sunday found me serging my twill samples and writing up my experiences. Once they're distributed I'll post my results. Once again, I'm left with an empty loom and no warp wound. Tonight I finished drafting my two block twill plaid, with a three color repeat, à la Alderman.


  1. Hey! We must be twins, separated at birth. I spent Friday watching Mona Lisa Smile and spinning silk. Nice alpaca blend yarn, nice warm colors!

  2. Chris Kirtz9:44 AM

    Your website was given on our weaving list by someone and on viewing same [ I did not know what blog meant] was delighted to see it was all about spinning, weaving and knitting. Something I enjoy, right now though I am quilting I really loved the weaving pattern you have up on the page, its in green and red, Is there any chance I could have the warp you used and what colours etc. it would be greatly appreciated.
    Chris in snowy Kelowna, B.C

  3. I'm using 6/2 cotton, natural and two shades of green. It's a baby blanket, 18 epi, 38" in the reed. I used red, green, and gray on the weaving software so the colors would show better when I'm threading.

  4. Sylvia6:48 AM

    Don't you love Sharon A's book! Have you had the chance to take any classes from her? She is a wonderful teacher, gentle and kind, explains things clearly and in a way that rests contentedly in your mind forever.