Sunday, January 16, 2005

As the Weekend Closes

Movies were not high on the list for Sunday and Monday. I forgot to mention that I watched The Village Saturday night, too. Interesting storyline, plus it was shot locally. Delaware weaver, Deb McClintoc was an extra in the movie. While you're there, check out some of her work. Just beautiful. I watched 50 First Dates this morning, while plying the last of the Brushtrokes. When we were studying memory, all my students were asking about that movie. Now I can tell them I saw it. Enough said.

It's ten o'clock and I'm just about finished washing the fat eighths. The Brushstrokes skeins are drying on a pvc pipe over my laundry tubs, and the three bouts are wound for the two block twills. It's too dark for pictures, and frankly, I'm too tired anyway. Hope I don't freak the kids out tomorrow. I didn't use gloves when rinsing out the samples and my hands are a tad blue. Oh well, we're in a cold snap, I'll just tell them I'm cold.

My plan for after school tomorrow is: go to the gym, pick up my new "computer" glasses, and then presley the loom, using Carolyn's plan for presleying the reed.

So sad. Sylvia commented a few days ago that she was lucky enough to take a class from Sharon Alderman. I've always wanted to take a class with her, and I just got a notice that the Bucks County guild is hosting a workshop with her in April. Three days and a great price - unfortunately they are three school days, so it's a no go for me.


  1. Sylvia7:05 AM

    I'll write a note to get you out of school so you can take Sharon's class!!!

  2. i love joaquin = hence i loved the village.

  3. How big a dork am I if I misread "presley" as "Presley," like Elvis's last name?
    Probably nearly as big a dork as when I saw a sign that said POLISH FESTIVAL and said "Why would anyone have a polish festival?"
    After a pause, my friend said, "I think it's Polish festival, dear."
    "Ooooooh," said I.