Monday, June 07, 2004

Turkey Roasters Everywhere

Carolyn and Kate have said it all, but I always like to stick my $.02 in. First, if you don't have a brew store nearby try Leeners. They have citric acid for $3.20/lb. Shipping is reasonable - I got 5 lbs. for a total of 22.37. Second, as Kate mentioned, the rack is great for steaming. I steamed all the freezer bags I used for my sampling. There you go - my $.02!

I got a call from Dick Duncan today. My new 16" motorized carder will be leaving Oregon tomorrow. ETA is Monday, 6/14. The 15th is my last day of school, which gives me two days to play with it before I'm off to Peters Valley for a twill class.

The basement is starting to come together, after Josh's reentry. I got a 7 yard warp wound for towels. The loom has been naked too long.

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  1. Waiting for carders is the PITS! Love your corrie.