Saturday, June 19, 2004

It Won't Be In House Beautiful

but it's doing the job for me! This is the table I made yesterday. I had the feed in tray on the left, but I thought I could get closer to the wall if I turned it this way. It only took me one run through to realize it won't work. Besides feeling awkward, I had to reach over the drum to get to the switch. I could just imagine me tearing my arm up. So I thought I could turn it around myself. WRONG! Good thing I can yell loud.

For those days when it won't be used - and I know I'll eventually run out of things to card - I made this. Now I remember why this heavy vinyl was sitting around for so long. It's an absolute pain to sew. Luckily the seams in the four corners were done right sides together so the flocked underlining would feed through. I did a pretty poor job sewing a 17" wide strip on the underside (to keep the carder teeth from catching on the underlining). I can always glue it if it needs more reinforcing.

Next I'm going to make myself a winding station, like this one by Schacht. I want one, but not enough to pay $225.00.

One the weaving front, I'm on the third Huck-a-Back towel. This one has space-dyed red 6/2 for the weft. Once again, great minds think alike. Caroline in NH is making the same towels! This would be a great draft for someone ready to go beyond plain weave. You really can't lose your place.

I'm almost finished spinning the plain vanilla Romney. Spinning from the roving I made yesterday was delightful. Yes, June, I just went in a spiral. I started with about 1" on the left side of the drum and just kept working my way around. I used a pretty wooden diz from The Woodchuck, but I was worried that I would scratch it. Next time I'll use my PVC diz. They are easy to make. Cut a 1" piece of pvc, then cut through the middle. Drill a hole in the center of each piece and sand smooth. Voilá! You know have to dizs - dizzes - well, you know what I'm trying to say.


  1. I use the bottom corners of plastic milk jusgs for dizzes. My Woodchuck diz has disapeared unfortunately.
    Also, I find it easier to lash the batt onto a hackle before pulling it through the diz.

  2. No, Char, when you run out of things to card your FRIENDS will come over to try the carder.... right? Have you done anything finer than Romney yet? What kind of job is it doing? Inquiring minds want to know.... :-)

  3. Karen, you're welcome to use it - give me a call. I've only done the Romney and I put some corrie from Whitefish Bay through once. I'm going to dye the batts and then blend them.

  4. Charleen,
    May I ask how much you paid for this carder? I can't find any information about the price anywhere. I'm about to purchase a Fricke's Finest..and I know that it has to be WAY cheaper than a Duncan, but I thought I'd see anyway. :)