Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hey, I Like It!

Here's the bobbin I spun last night. I got home from school early enough to sit in the living room in front of window and spin up the second bobbin. There's nothing like the sun coming in, showing all the subtle colors and adding a shimmer to the mohair.

I just finished listening to The Jester. Not your usual James Patterson (of which I am a fan - I love Alex Cross!) This was an engaging tale of a poor innkeeper who follows Peter the Hermit on a Crusade and his whole life changes. You've got history, mystery, and romance rolled up into one great novel! I finished Clear and Convincing Proof over the weekend. I liked the book but the narrator was driving me NUTS. She was trying to fake a man's voice and it just sounded stupid. I have a couple other Kate Wilhelm books on my Audible wish list and they aren't read by the same person, but I still think I'll listen to a sample first to make sure I can handle the voice!

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