Friday, April 09, 2004

Dusty Shades

I washed the cotton skeins and put them up to dry today. The grey cotton really gave the colors a dusty look. I used a semi-low immersion method so the variations were expected (and wanted). It wouldn't work for knitting, but I wanted a mottled effect for weaving.

Five of the skeins were grey. The sixth was the aqua (that's the purplish one, middle left) I used blue and golden yellow in a 1:2 ratio for the top skeins. That resulted in a dusty olive shade. For the two middle skeins I used fuschia, but on different colored cottons. The bottom two were golden yellow which gave a dusty, greyish green. The skein on the right was the last one I wound of grey and I didn't even have enough to tie the skein. You can see what the yellow did to the aqua tie in the picture below.

For those of you using MT - I found a nifty script that allows you to close comments after a set number of days. ALthough I use Jay Allen's Blacklist and according to my logs they are turning away comments, some still get through - yesterday's were particularly nasty. They usually come through on entries from a few month's ago. It just ticks me off that I have to go to such measures to keep spammers off my site.

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