Thursday, April 08, 2004


I thought I posted last week, but after careful consideration I realized I never published it. I'll never be able to recreate that literary masterpiece, but I'll tell you what I've been doing.

Last weekend Kim and I drove up to Marie's Funny Farm where we imbibed, knitted, imbibed, instructed Kim on warping and starting her first project (from which she'll never recover, I fear!), imbibed some more, lost an hour sleep, knitted and wove and then headed home. It was just the break I needed. Now after three hectic days at school I'm home until Tuesday.

This week I finished the second set of baby blankets. They're going through the second wash/dry now and then I can hem them. I've got one more set planned. This time I'm dyeing the ugly grey and aqua and using a plain or twill. As you can see from the picture it's a very softly spun, thick cotton with a binder (which I hope is cotton). I'm wetting out 6 400 yd skeins now and I'm going to run down and mix up the dye in a couple of minutes. I like to let the MX dye solution sit for several hours, even overnight, to make sure it is completely dissolved. But FIRST I have to decide what colors to use. I think they will have to be fairly deep to cover the original color. Right now I'm leaning towards deep fuschia, bright gold and a bright green. By this time tomorrow we'll all know if that's what I really get.

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  1. Gosh, I hope the binder is cotton too! Good luck with the dyeing.