Sunday, March 14, 2004

Rag Rug Experiment

Since there were no more of the dark green and rust rag strips (see earlier post about my overzealous husband taking out trash) I thought I'd try a few of the many pieces of muslin I dyed last year. Here are the results before washing.

On the left is the ill-fated rust and green. I used the tube and slice method for those strips. The serging made the fabric bulge at all of the seams (and the fabric was much heavier to begin with), on the right are three different square yds of muslin. These I tore in 1.5" strips. I won't do that again - too much fraying and hanging threads. You can definitely see where the first piece and the second piece intersect. The second and third pieces had most of the same shades, so the line of demarcation is not as severe. Here's a close up.

I really liked the way the muslin looks, although I wouldn't have picked brown warp. I was thinking of dyeing muslin and 8/4 rug warp, but I think I'd probably be more apt to dye a huge piece like a did for Josh's apartment and just use a neutral warp. If I use the 120" muslin and cut with the rotary cutter it would be much easier. I was also thinking of dyeing muslin for the diamond rug using the rug design program, but I think I'll test it first with some store bought stuff.


  1. I cut my rags with a rotary cutter. Of course, I usually use old sheets for rag rugs, so it's particularly easy! Also, I beg the fabric store for their empty cardboard holders (the ones that assorted trims come on). It's easier to wind the rag strips onto those than roll them into balls.

  2. Catherine5:05 PM

    Cool rug! But isn't it cheating if you don't use real, honest-to-goodness, worn out stuff for rags? Making rags just doesn't seem right.