Monday, March 08, 2004


I finally got around to drawing a little sunflower design on monk's cloth, put the frame together, stretched the cloth and stapled over the carpet tack strips with foam. The punching went pretty well, not real even, but not bad for the first try. After 20 minutes or so my wrist is SCREAMING. For once I had the good sense to not plod on, but put it down for now. I'll try again with my handeze glove and see if that helps. Good thing I didn't go hog wild and build a huge frame with cardtable legs, etc. That's my usual modus operandi.


  1. did you stretch it tight as a drum over the frame? If it has any slack in it at all, it is very hard to hook through.

  2. It seemed pretty tight to me. I think it's the wrist action, so I'll just do it for 20 minutes or so at a time and see if that helps.