Saturday, March 20, 2004

Finished Blankets

Wasn't that fast? After washing the structures took on a new look. Here is the 6/2 space dyed cotton. As you can see from the close up it's on the wimpy side, although it will make a nice summer blanket.

This royal blue heavy cotton gives a substantial feel, but the vertical stripe doesn't do much for me. The close up shows a much sturdier fabric.

This periwinkle fell into the middle. Nice feel, but still lightweight.

With a few inches of warp left I tried the last treadling, which was very simple to do, but gave a pleasing design, with the heavier blue weft. Too bad I didn't try this first! Despite my complaints of weaving a wider warp, I'm going to put on the same warp and use the heavy cotton for three more blankets. I have this deep royal blue, a more cobalt blue, and a bright red and all will look good with the flecks in the warp.

So here's the question -- will I save any time if I tie the ends to the remaining warp or should I pull the thrums out and start from scratch?


  1. I'd ditch the thrums and start over. The mere thought of tying all those knots gives me hives.

  2. You are Weaving Queen! Nice work.

  3. those blankets are all gorgeous. despite reading carolyn, kate, and you, i know next to nothing still about weaving but i think they turned out great!!

  4. I wouldn't bother tying knots. If you don't tie perfect square knots, they come loose, and it is a real pain. I'd only tie on if the warp was very precious (I made a dummy warp and tied on for my twill shawls out of Noro Silk Garden). Not fun, though.

  5. Amy N.6:23 AM

    I tie on and pull through all the time. In the middle of doing it on 800 threads right now. I rarely have a knot come loose, and I just use a simple overhand knot. For me, it's faster. And I'm usually in a more comfortable position than I am when threading, so it doesn't feel as difficult. YMMV, of course. Dontcha just love how there are no right answers in weaving!