Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Baby Blankets

I just finished putting on a 5.5 yd. warp for baby blankets using Conshohocken Softball 2.2 sett at 10 epi. It has multicolored flecks and I'm planning on using different colors for 3 or 4 blankets. The gold is Softball, too, and the red is a 6/2 spaced dyed red cotton.

My Macomber is supposed to have a 40" weaving width but I had to take off every unused heddle and it is a tight fit. If there's too much abrasion I'll have to take off 8 threads on each side after the first blanket.


  1. Is this the garage sale yarn? Pretty colors!

  2. The flecked yarn is. The gold is from several cones I bought for knitting from WEBS years ago and the space dyed 6/2 I found on ebay.