Saturday, December 20, 2003

Stuck in Brown

I finished the brown handspun a few days ago, but I'm not sure if it's too short. I don't think it is, but it's just shorter than I usually wear. Maybe I'll wear it for a day and see how I feel. I could always rip out the bottom and add a longer garter stitch hem or put in 3" of ribbing like I have at the cuffs.

I'm trying to finish a hat that I'm making for my nephew out of 50/50 brown corriedale and greyish mohair. I want to have it in the mail by Tuesday. If I send it Priority mail it should get to Iowa on Friday. That's when we're having our extended family gift-giving party so it won't technically be late. Stephan wasn't able to come back this Christmas, but at least I got to see him at his brother's wedding in October. I know I'll get the hat done tonight, but what are my chances of making a quick scarf by Tuesday???

As you can imagine the kids are hyped to the max at school. They did get together and decorate the homeroom door this year, although I worried that conflicting artistic ideas were going to end in fisticuffs smile.gif


  1. Hey Charleen! I think the shorter sweater length is good on you. Not only currently fashionable, but flattering as well. The kids/door pix are excellent...thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Claudia, I think I'll keep it this way. I guess I just come from the school of thought that says the longer it is the more it covers!