Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Spinning Chair

I've been mulling over this for a few months and today I took my saw to an old chair I had in the basement. Voila! A spinning chair. I could tell you I'm going to sand the raw edges on the chair back, but unless I do damage to myself or my fibers you can be rest assured that I'll just put it off. I am going to cover some 1" foam to make a seat pad and make a small rectangular pillow to put behind me. It was so comfortable. A nice wide seat to accomodate mine and the ability to pull back without contorting AND still having some support for my back adds up to a winner.

Now off for an appearance at my nephew's then back home to wrap a few presents and drink some eggnog.


  1. I'd suggest an elastic strap to hold the back cushion in place. One of these days I'll put one on mine so that I can stop muttering when it falls off.

  2. That was very brave of you to take a saw to the chair. And free is always good!