Saturday, December 06, 2003

Snow Day (sort of)

The snow started on my way to school yesterday. The kids (those that showed up) were so wound up that we couldn't get anything done. We ended up with an early dismissal at 12:50. After tapdancing all day to keep the kids entertained, I plopped in a chair and knitted.

This morning I got up at 5:15 (why do I even bother to turn off the alarm on Friday night?) and started dyeing. The sea blue (teal, aquamarine, whatever) on the top rungs is the 2 lbs of corriedale I finished a few months ago. I used one package of Dark Green Cushings and 2 tsps. turqoise Sabraset. It was still a little too bright so I glubbed in some navy Sabraset I had leftover. This is going to be a hooded sweatshirt type pullover.

The dark plum on the bottom is one pound of the Cardinal Red romney I dyed last December. I did two pounds before I realized that using equal weights and equal dye doesn't necessarily mean the same shade :-) I used the same dyepot from the corriedale and just added more navy. After mixing with the red already in there it turned a really deep plum.

In the middle is another pound of the same romney. I used the Dark Green Cushings for that too. The red, plum, and green are going to be a heavy barn sweater. I'm mulling around ideas for borders, probably zig zags or some other geometric design going around the bottom of the body and sleeves.

While the dye was cooking I was able to wind a 4 yard warp for a scarf for Laura. I used the mohair/acrylic blend that I bought from WEBS during Stitches last year (2002). I threaded a point twill and got about 4 inches woven. Now, back to my chair, my knitting, and a drink!

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  1. Nice dye work! I've had the same disillusioning realization about dye lots...there ain't no way they'll ever be the same. We just need to find bigger pots!