Friday, December 26, 2003


It was a three day family celebration, but I made it! My extended family has been celebrating on the 26th for the last 17 years, since my brother found it difficult to travel on Christmas Day. My sisters and I live within a few miles of my mother, so one, if not all of us, have also had dinner with her. My nephew married in October and he and his wife had an open house Christmas Eve.

Now that our children are older it's been increasingly difficult to schedule this day-after celebration (what with work schedules, etc) so we've decided to consider alternatives - but we put it off to our Memorial Day picnic so we'd have time to figure it out. My family is so functional!

I got some nice fiber gifts. An electric bobbin winder from Robin & Russ, along with some inserted eye wire heddles, some repair heddles, and these really cool flexible metal strips for adding and removing heddles. They have one of those brass spreading clips at each end so that you can slide on heddles and transfer them safely. I don't know if I was blogging when I went through the fiasco of moving heddles in the middle of a project - not something I'd ever like to relive.

I also got a gift certificate for The Mannings. If the weather is as nice as it's supposed to be early in the week, I may just take a drive. Why waste it on postage when I can go pick it out myself??

Now for a cup of coffee and the real start to my vacation! I'm up earlier than I usually am in anticipation of an all fiber day, oh, and spinning group tomorrow.


  1. Charleen, I can *so* tell that you on vacation...all these blog entries! Yeah baby!

  2. Listen to all of that loot! How exciting for you! I wake up early on fibery vacation days, too, until I've lost so much sleep that I am zombie-like (but happily so).