Monday, December 29, 2003

Just Give Me A Little Time..

No, not the song, although it does bring back memories. Seems like this vacation thing could really grow on me. However I realize now that spinning ALL day may not be the best thing. Ouch!

I spent yesterday at spinning group, last evening, and most of today spinning up the springiest chocolate brown romney/merino cross that I bought from Humble Hills several years ago. Then I spun a small amount of the border leicester/mohair multi-colored bump I bought at Creative Strands. I'm going to ply my sample with the brown and see what happens. I want something for the shoulders but I don't want it to really stand out. I'm planning on this sweater being one that I can keep in my closet at school and put on when needed, so it needs to be rather neutral.

1 comment:

  1. Charleen, don't hurt yourself! beading, hooking, spinning.....lemming....