Thursday, December 04, 2003

Fun Little Tool

I remembered this nifty little tool I bookedmarked this summer. Although it's not really for acid dyes, I think it will give me a good starting point for mixing. I'm thinking about a teal or sea green so I think I'll start with 2:2:1 mix of royal blue 483, turquoise 480, and yellow 180 (Sabraset numbers). Maybe we'll have a snow day tomorrow (wishful thinking mode)


  1. Kim, the Whirling Dervish11:54 AM

    Please don't wish a snow day on me!!! I'm so far behind at work Charleen & I really don't want to have to go in over the weekend - if we have snow day I won't have any choice but to work all weekend & it's my weekend with the kids!!

  2. Enough snow for you down in PA? I've got plenty to share!
    Love that handspun sweater...doesn't it feel good! Next up, a from the fleece, dyed by Charleen handspun sweater.

  3. Kim, did your boys come home early too? I tried to hold off for you, but I can't guarantee the next one!
    Claudia, I still have to card the rust up. It could be awhile, especially since I ordered a punch needle and monk's cloth - bad Carolyn :-)