Saturday, December 27, 2003

Bead Lemming!

Yes, Claudia, I'm back with another entry! I forgot to mention my beading presents - I was waiting for the sun to come up so I could take a picture.

Sarah gave me a set of tools and some stuff to get me started. I'm not sure what everything is. I know that there are earring wires, spacers, and wire. I don't know what the things that look like big straight pins are, but I'm planning to find out. I've got a few magazines, any ideas on a good beginner's book? Hopefully Dodie will be at tomorrow's spinning group so we can plan a visit to her bead store.

What to pick up next? (ha! you think I'm going to finish anything?) My new Oxford punch needle is calling me, along with the needlefelting tools I bought last May at MDS&W. I don't think this vacation is going to be long enough!


  1. lemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemminglemming

  2. Yay bead stuff! Nice gift. The long things are headpins. Slip beads on, make a loop at the top, and you have earrings. Bead Magazines have good beginnings instructions, Lapidary Journal has a how-to project each issue (some are dumb, some are fabulous). Magazines have the ads too, for that oh-so-necessary pile os stuff you will need!

  3. BeadStyle magazine. Directly responsible for the yarnhead/curlypurl lemming response. (Welcome to the madness. ;-)

  4. I've identified the tools and the head pins (thanks, Sara). Looks like I'll still need a crimping tool and some other stuff. I'll have to satisfy myself with online stuff until I can find a local bead store (or, maybe I should be glad I don't have a local bead store!)