Tuesday, October 21, 2003

What <i>is</i> that on my counter?

Yikes! It's a mole. I don't even remember learning about a mole or Avagadro, but apparently is a big thing in Chemistry now :-) Maybe Chemistry teachers are just trying to lighten it up a bit. My niece Kori needed a little help, so this is what I created for her.

Finally got one of the two straps done for the tote. That's about all the fiber related news this week. Hopefully this weekend will be more productive. I bought 15 yards of muslin last weekend with hopes of getting it dyed this week and made into curtains for for the sliding door and window in the studio. I do get an extra hour Sunday, so maybe I stand a chance of getting it done.


  1. Very cute! I had a chem teacher in high school tell us to call the operator and ask for "Avagadro's number." One student actually did and reported the next day that she had obtained the contact info for one Andy Avagadro.

  2. Jarrett6:38 AM

    We had a bunch of cartoons done by quite a skillful artist on the wall of the biochemistry lab when I was learning to be a lab tech.
    Micromole -- very small, seen through a magnifying glass
    Minimole -- small, sitting in a teacup
    Millimole -- in a pink tutu
    Megamole -- very large, godzilla size posed by London bridge
    and best of all...
    Kilamole -- armed with a shotgun and with bandoliers across his chest :)