Sunday, October 26, 2003


nugget-batts.jpgI need a new, wider, motorized carder. I do really like my Louet roving carder, but when you do a pile like this it's little hard on the wrist and elbow. This was after the second pass. I don't think it would have needed three, except it really needed to be teased and I didn't want to bother. So I put it through the first time just to open it up. I'd like to make a cardigan with a ski-type yoke. I have the silver gray green ready to card. Then I could card up some of the natural. I'll have to play with the browns and grays I have to see which would be better for the main color. I was thinking about overdyeing the light gray with Cushing's khaki. Or not! Time to dig through the stash. But first I need ice!


  1. You'll have to come over and play with my SuperCarder. You might never leave. . .

  2. You should pay one of your kids a small fee for cranking. They owe it to you!!