Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I Found Grommets!

Finally, I found the right size grommet to make a CD spindle and it was right there in Home Depot. I know they didn't have them last year when I was looking. I am truly amazed at how nice it spins.

The ceramics teacher and I are going to work together with our 9th period classes (this is a World Cultures class - not psych!). I've been toying with a hands-on idea for the last couple of years. I've brought in my spinning wheel and last year a rigid heddle loom but it was more of a demonstration with a few kids trying it out.

Throughout this year we are going to try to incorporate several units. The first one is spinning which I am going to teach while my students are studying The Formation of Europe. Then she'll do a unit on clay bowls and pots which will fit into African Trading Kingdoms. Then we'll let them weave - probably around the Indian Independence unit. It will fit in well with Gandhi's boycott of British textiles. I'm going to bring in the rigid heddle, table loom, and inkle loom (if it ever gets here!). She also found heavy cardboard frames that are precut at 1/4". What I'm hoping for is that each student will have at least a few yards of handspun that they can use in their weaving.


  1. I have a card weaving loom that you're welcome to use. It can do an 8" width and has little bitty cloth and warp beams.

  2. Jarrett6:34 AM

    Please Miss, will you be my teacher?
    That sounds like a fun class. I always learned much more and it stuck around much longer when I had fun in the class.

  3. Way to go Charleen! Create those young fiber addicts (you know you'll snag at least a few).

  4. Sounds like a great idea! Wish I had this kind of experience back in school.

  5. We have found the same grommets at Home Depot, but when we brought them home, we found that we couldn't fit two cd's in, as prescribed for weighting. Can you tell me the size that you bought? Maybe we bought the wrong size. Also, did you use one CD, or 2?

  6. Juli, I found these in the telephone wiring dept. The brand is Buchanan - item #74138, 3/8" inside diameter. They come 5/package.