Sunday, October 05, 2003

Faster than a speeding bullet...

My computer is singing now. I had a memory chip for months and finally decided to put it in tonight. Amazing what another 256 ram can do. I also added a 40GB hard drive for additional storage. I was quite pleased with myself. I did have one small problem. You know those ribbon things that connect the drives? Well, I have a zip drive that was in the intermediate plug between the original hard drive and the board. I couldn't find any other place to plug it, so I just unplugged the zip. I'll have to run to Best Buy tomorrow. I'm sure there must be one of those things with two intermediate pins, but what do I ask for without sounding inordinately stupid?

Speeding up my computer is not the only thing I did today, no siree! I washed a wonderful Romney/Jacob cross. I've already spun a little sample and it's really nice. It looks like it would be scratchy, got a bit of a halo, but it's quite soft. I got all five pounds washed, but I had to bring the rack into the basement for the last batch.

Then I dyed some of the fleece I brought home from Marie's in August. I used Cushing's Perfection this time, no mix, no mess. This pot is Nugget Gold and this one is Silver Gray Green. I didn't get started on that until later in the afternoon, and it was already getting cool. I had to take one of the pots off the auxiliary burner of the Coleman stove and use the hot plate. I think the Coleman is only going to be good for steaming, as it doesn't really keep the water at a simmer when it's cold outside. It took so long that I had to leave them to cool down over night.

Oh, and along with all of this, I tried to clean the kitchen. All I seemed to get done there was make a bigger mess. Well, I did get the cabinets and appliances clean and shiny. Good thing I have the day off tomorrow. It'll take me all day to finish what I started today.


  1. Is it easy to put in RAM chips?? Both my and Stig's computers are DESPERATE for more RAM, but we are pretty hardware-ignorant when it comes to the puters.
    Love those colors! Do you have plans for that mountain of gray/brown fleece?

  2. It is extremely easy to put in RAM. Go to and put in your computer and they'll tell you what type and how much you can use. I had two slots, with a 126 chip in one slot. I just snapped in a 256 chip and I'm in business. Don't worry when it chugs a little when you start up, the computer is just recognizing the new hardware you put in.

  3. I just checked and the chip I bought in the spring (and only just put in) is now $15 cheaper. I could replace my 128 with a 256. Hmmmm.

  4. Jarrett8:03 AM

    It's an IDE (or ATA) hard drive ribbon cable. Tell them you want one with connectors for 2 hard drives. Shouldn't cost a lot.
    Are you sure there wasn't a second connector about 1/2 way along the cable? Most of them come that way... Check before you buy...
    email me if you need help.

  5. There was, but it was being used for the zip drive. I didn't see any additional connectors open. I have a CD, CDRW, zip, floppy, and then I just put in an additional hard drive. So what I need is one with two connectors between the end ones. It's an ATA 80 pin.