Monday, October 06, 2003

Cover Your Eyes!

2003_1006_094020AA.JPGAfter spending the night outside, I emptied the dyepots and brought in the fiber to rinse and spin out.

I thought I would allow you to click on the Nugget Gold as it would give you a little time to shield your eyes. Have you regained your sight? Now for something to soothe those eyes - check out the Silver Gray Green. Doesn't it remind you of the penny in the ammonia solution. Lots of greenish, bronzy, even blue shades.

My original intention was to mix the two colors together and randomly grab handfuls and run through the carder once. Then I was going to strip them lengthwise and mix them up and card again. That's when I though the gold would be, shall we say - not so bright! Now I think I'll card them separately. I have another bag of this Finn/Dorset cross so I can still try out some other colors. I think I'll use the Cushing's Khaki for the main color and dye at least one more accent color.

I was dreaming about the Romney/Jacob last night. I was wearing an EZ Ski Sweater I made out of Candide years ago. It has made its way to Laura's room and is not coming back! The sample yarn I made reminds me of that Candide, but not as harsh feeling. So she can keep the old one - I'm making another one for me. This time it will be a cardigan as I no longer have to sit outside and shiver my way through football and baseball. I probably will still have enough for a shawl and scarf/hat set.


  1. Ruth in Houston7:48 AM

    I love the golden yellow Wow weee.

  2. Nice colors -- how bout a deep rust in there with the green and gold?