Friday, September 19, 2003

An Unexpected Day Off

Isabel has come and (looks to me) almost gone. She did leave me a present though - no school! Even Villanova's law school is closed. Up until Laura started last year, they prided themselves on never being close! It doesn't seem to have caused much havoc around here. Some power outages - my lights only dimmed periodically throughout the evening. I think it was the high winds that worried the school officials.

My lawn is covered with shredded leaves, but there aren't very many large branches. We took precautions and brought patio furniture into the garage, the shed, and even some right into my studio (jeez, it's not even finished and it's cluttered!).

What will I do with my new found time? Go to school! Our first few weeks have been crammed with meetings and paperwork, so I think I'll just take some coffee in and have the room to myself for a couple of hours. I used to spend quite a few days before school started organizing, cleaning, etc. but last summer was just too short.

This afternoon I'll start listening to The Secret Life of Bees with my wireless headphones and start warping my loom.


  1. Go you Mad Warper! Warp that loom. Better you than me, darlin'.....;-)

  2. Enjoy your long weekend! My trees came through without damage, too, just leaves and some small twigs. Guess the $1500 in tree work was worth it ...

  3. I loved that audio book. Be advised, if you listen while you are driving, you will have to pull over occasionally to cry.