Sunday, September 14, 2003

Remember when

your mother told you that your eyes were bigger than your stomach? (Ha, I should be so lucky!) Well I guess my eyes were bigger than my energy and time constraints this weekend. I did, however, get the wall painted and the bathroom steam cleaned (you do remember it was a very messy son that moved out??) so I guess that counts for something. Hopefully I'll get something on my loom soon. In the meantime I think I'll try and get the Fibertrends tote finished and fulled this week. Sarah will be here next week for a shower and I'd love to have it ready by then.

My nephew is getting married October 18th. Where did the time go? Dan is going to be in the wedding - his first time being a groomsman. Laura and I had to break it to him that he was paying for his tux and other expenses, not Mike! Mike's the first of the grandchildren to get married and my mom finally has a dress for the wedding. She doesn't really have the stamina to go out and try on dresses, so my sisters have been bringing dresses home for her. They finally hit the jackpot yesterday. I have to do a few alterations on it, but it looks great on her. You know, finding a nice dress for an 87 year old woman is quite the challenge.


  1. So sad that the wedding is Rhinebeck weekend. Hey! Are any of your local fiber friends going to NY that may want to schlepp back the poor orphaned Tupperware?

  2. You know, that just might work. I think Kim said she was going. I'll check.