Monday, June 23, 2003

Little Dimun Finished

I haven't finished something in so long, I almost forgot to mention it. I think I'll end up using this shawl more than some of the others that I've made. It's a great size for warming your shoulders and back, but not getting in the way. It had been raining for so long, and there's so much crap in this house, that I finally washed it and blocked it hanging over a a length of 2" PVC pipe. The top is about 75" across and the weight pulled a little against the pipe, so there's a slight bubble. I'll have to give it a shot of steam.

Now I'm working on the Butterfly Garden shawl in a sport weight wool. I took it to school for exam knitting and it'll come in handy while I have graduation duty tomorrow. I have to supervise the juniors handing out programs, but once graduation begins I get a chair off the balcony, where I can direct people to drinking fountains and bathrooms. (Somebody's got to do it!)


  1. Charleen, nice blog re-design! Thanks for the dye day pix. Countin' down the days now!

  2. Thanks. It's so much easier to post an entry and the comments always load since they're on my server.
    The dye day was so much fun and even the novices found it easy and were impressed with their results.