Friday, August 05, 2011

We Have Some Weaving Here!

I was having some problems with the end warp threads shredding on this Alpaca/Silk scarf.  Believe it or not it's the first time I've woven anything so narrow and I wasn't sure what was causing the problem.  I'm thinking it might have been the old 10 dent reed with some rust spots on it.  It works for my cotton towels but this is a much softer yarn.

So I cut the first one off and resleyed with a stainless steel 5 dent reed.  It's going much smoother now.  Cutting off the first one gave me a chance to wet finish and check the drape before going on to the next one.  20 epi with a 2/2 twill gives this a great hand!

The second scarf is the same as this.  I'm trying out a 1/3 on the third and final scarf. 

1 comment:

  1. yum! Alpaca Silk :)

    Looks lovely too: don't you wish we had feel-o-vision laptops? :D!