Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Quilts

In between sessions at the loom finishing up the last two scarves I've been getting some new baby quilts put together.

I was wandering through YouTube this winter when I stumbled across a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company for making a tumbler quilt out of 5" charm squares. This is made from Sandy Gervais' Lollipop. I'm going to put a narrow border (1.5") with the marbled blue in the top picture, a wider border with the brown fishies fabric (middle in the bottom photo), and the backing will be the green lollipops in the top photo.

This one is for my new granddaughter, who will be making her appearance in November.  I used AmandaJean's Stacked Coins pattern but added an additional 4" border to make the top 48"x58"  Unlike what you see in this hanging from the I-beam of the basement photo, the colors of these Sugar Pop fabrics are crisp and clean.  The sashing is Moda Snow.

I had a request from Dan for new kitchen towels so some winding was done too.

The plan is for two log cabin towels, two with just yellow weft and two with the red.  We're heading up to Long Island for Labor Day.  That gives me 18 days to get them on the loom, woven, and sewn up.  With school starting on the 29th it could be close. 

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  1. 3! grandchildren???!!! Waaah! I may never get there... :)

    I recommend Summer School. The teaching staff was excellent, you may know them (and many of the students) from the online guild. There were other Americans, some people from Holland and Germany, a few from NZ and Australia.

    5 days of instruction is very nice. Getting tools over here (loom?) might be challenging, but several looms fit in suitcases now.

    The University setting means dorm rooms and cafeteria food, but it was clean, and there were choices in food that were satisfying.

    People were very friendly, and in 5 days you actually can remember them, get to know them, and find like minds.

    Total success.