Friday, July 04, 2008

Garden Accident (or that stick just Poked Me in the EYE)

Once the initial shock passed I couldn't help but think - but, Momma, I wasn't even running! Then the Flying Fish Sailors' Poke You in the Eye kept running through my head. Ouch!!

This happened Wednesday, early in the morning while I was dressed like a beekeeper so that I could rip out poison ivy. Instead of getting a lot cleaned out I had to get myself to the eye doctor. I'll spare you the gory details but the good news is there won't be any permanent damage. Since it was old, dirty, dead wood they couldn't patch it, so he cleaned it up and put a contact over the iris to act as a bandaid. I went back again yesterday and he'll see me again on Monday. My vision is starting to clear up but since this eye is still dilated and teary it's hard to do anything too detailed. I had planned on posting about my loom adjustment findings but that can wait.

So here's a little fireworks for those celebrating today!



Oh and if you like the Sailors you'll be happy to know that they are offering Remnant Stew as a free download!


  1. Ouch!! I hope there wasn't poison ivy on that stick.
    Hope everything heals and focuses quickly!

  2. Ouchie ouchie ouchie. I've had eye surgery and I know how horrible any injury to the eye is. Take care, and I wish you swift healing.

  3. Oh god oh god oh god, a stick in the eye?!?!!?
    Heal quickly!

  4. Hey there! I feel for you. A weaver needs her eyes. Those are lovely blankets and lucky babies.

  5. Ouch...I'm so sorry! Bet you saw stars that looked like those fireworks. Hope it heals completely and quickly. Time for audiobooks!

  6. Sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.

  7. O U C H !! And scarey, too! Eyes are so precious -- thank goodness they are also one of the fastest healing parts of our bodies. You must be quite uncomfortable.
    Am relieved for you that there is no permanent damage.
    Looking foward to your announcing a complete recovery and being up to your weaving tricks soon!

  8. Susan9:00 AM

    Charleen: I am learning to use a blog.... now please tell me how do you post and can I ask you questions about some of your weaving adventures.. I am a novice weaver.... I found you by searching for color gamp info....

  9. Oh, Charleen, Ouch! I'm so sorry. Of course, by now, it is hopefully healed?????

  10. I just stopped by to see if you have an update. How are you? Is your eye healing properly?

  11. nancy2:40 PM

    I just saw that your last post - sounded painful and familiar. I hurt my eye gardening some years ago, and it was a long drawn out healing process. (recurrent corneal erosion was the diagnosis) I hope yours is coming along better than mine did, but I can say that even the recurrent type eventually resolves.