Friday, May 23, 2008

Twist and Shout

My Minimalist cardigan is getting closer to the end. I have 1.75 skeins left and both fronts to do. Yikes! I'm finding that the moss stitch is really torquing but I can pull on the diagonal and it looks good. I'll block the pieces first and then the seams should hold it all in place. The picture is from last weekend, I finished the back last night.

I also started on my last fiber from Anne. This is Oberon - 40% gray alpaca, 30% gray angora bunny and purple/blue dyed angora, and 18% purple/blue dyed silk, 2% purple angelina. I'm spinning this in a laceweight.

I didn't spin when my kids were young. Now that Jackson can get around more I'm learning a few things!

You'll be happy to know that he pushed that car right behind the wheel without actually hitting it!


  1. Oh, great blog post title :).
    Here's hoping for more twisting and no shouting, grandma :)

  2. Beautiful wheel!

  3. I use to put Brandon on my lap while spinning. I'd have him put each of his hands on each of mine and told him he was spinning. Then he'd later tell his parents he was "pinning", or something close to that. Eleven years later he has no memory of those days nor does he have any desire to "pin". The big lug is 12 now, taller and I'd love to say he weighs more, but I still hold that title. This month.

  4. You've been "me-me'd". Go to my blog to read the rules. Don't blame me.

  5. That wheel is so beautiful -- please tell what kind of a wheel is it?