Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

"Thank you for your SOAR 2008 registration. Confirmations will be sent the week of June 9th." I was able to go to the 2004 SOAR retreat - the last time it was held at Pocono Manor. This year I was able to talk my principal into going to bat for me with the superintendent so that I will be allowed to attend the entire event. So why does it have to be this year that SOAR received so many registrations during the first week that everyone is being put into the lottery? Okay, I'll stop whining and think positively.

To increase my chances in the lottery I decided I needed a little spinning karma. I finished the Vermont Maples from Anne. This is 40% brown alpaca, 50% dyed wool in magenta, pink, yellow and burgudy, and and 8% yellow silk noil, 2% bronze angelina. I'm usually not a fan of slubby yarns but the photo doesn't do the yarn justice. It will be a nice partner for the chocolate Humble Hills Romney X that has been patiently waiting for an accent yarn. Once plied I started on Oberon, again from Anne, a lovely pale lavender roving - 40% gray alpaca, 30% gray angora bunny and purple/blue dyed angora, and 18% purple/blue dyed silk, 2% purple angelina

All of my weekend spinning reminded me of my last project, all washed, skeined, and ready for action. I've got about 2400 yards of this squishy 3 ply corrie. So now the question is what do I make? I had planned on a cabled cardigan but now I'm thinking maybe I'll add some other natural colored yarn and make a patterned yoke instead.

Next up? Since I didn't get a chance to go to MDSW again this year, I treated myself to some Hog Island roving. I heard about this breed after Vee showed her Hog Island yarn and told about the historical background of these sheep. Very cool!

Oh, if you tried to post a comment in the last week or two, I realized that in my zeal to block spam I blocked all comments! Doh!

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  1. What does the Hog island wool feel like?
    You look wonderful in the Tangled Yoke Cardigan!
    How was Mother's Day? I thought of you. My first Father's Day after my dad passed was bittersweet.