Monday, May 19, 2008

A Little Bit of This.....

I've been planning a couple of weaving and dyeing projects for the summer. Thanks to Marie's suggestion I visited the COLOURlovers site. What fun! I loved the Orangetip, Bintree Woods. What's really cool is that you can download the palette and you can also click to have the palette presented in a pattern. The plaid shows all of the colors of the palette, some will use two or three colors.

Speaking of Marie, take a peek at the lovely cheese that showed up at my house last week. Even before I opened the package I could smell the smokey scents of the Montasio. We had too much company last weekend (I didn't want to share!) so I held off trying it out.

I got back into quilting last fall, only to pack it away for a few months. I pulled it back out last week and got to work quilting. I'm using a hoop because it's small and I don't have the room to set up the big quilting frame.

I think my thimble has seen better days. Of course, sitting around for all these years waiting for me to start quilting again might have added to the problem. Luckily I found one of those leather ones with the braided elastic to see me through until I can get another.

I'm going to outline quilt all the white on white blocks and then crosshatch the border. I'm starting to get my quilting rhythm back. I'm picking up a little speed but I'm actually trying to get this finished for Jackson's first birthday, but who knows?

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