Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ms and Os Finished

I finally cut off the Ms and Os and started the finishing process. This is the alabaster weft, before washing.

And here, after washing. Would have been nice if I had the same orientation.

And again, after pressing.

The baked clay weft, which will be a dresser scarf for the guest room:

and my sampling with thicker wefts. The variegated is 4/4 cotton, the brown and gold is 5/2 perle.

I like Dixon's suggestion of using a thicker weft. The 4/4 gives great coverage without making a stiff fabric.

These towels will be used but they would be even better with a thicker weft. I'd use the 5/2 for towels, go with 10/2 for the warp. A few years ago I used a structure similar to this and was not happy with the way the weft filled in. I never did finish that baby blanket. The 4/4 weft would make a nice baby blanket or pillow fabric. I'm sewing the hems by hand because there's no tabby header and machine stitching would be too visible.

Final thoughts? I can definitely see more Ms and Os in my future for table linens, blankets, and upholstery fabrics.


  1. Ooo, pretty! I especially like the alabaster and brown wefts.

  2. Nice! I'm liking M's and O's the more I see it woven. I'm not familiar with 4/4.

  3. Charleen your woven fabric is beautiful! I'm inspired now :-) I have a warp on my Herald loom (can you believe it) think I'll go now and finish the threading :-)

  4. I really like the fabric! Thanks for mentioning using it for upholstery. We're supposed to redo the kitchen soon. I have a new table and chairs for it. The chairs are wooden with seats a bit too flat for me. I plan to put thick padding, batting, and upholstery fabric. Now thanks to your vision, I believe I'll be able to weave the fabric myself! Thank you!

  5. Lovely! Very interesting about the thicker weft. I will have to try that sometime too. (I will have to try that soup recipe too.)

  6. I love the way the towels look after being washed...very nice!