Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break Weaving

The skies are gray, there's a nip in the air - but it's Spring Break and I'm off! Too cold to do any of the outside work I usually do over spring break. I already painted the guest room so no big painting project. Guess I'll just have to play!

So, back to my Ms & Os. I had planned on trying the suggestions of a floating selvedge or temple. Peg mentioned trying a plain weave selvedge. Being a lazy weaver (and also forgetful) weaver I went for the quick fix first.

I attached one pound weights with an S hook to the four end threads and that did the trick!

The selvedges are MUCH better.

I completed two dish towels with the Alabaster weft and started on a runner for the guest room using more Eight/Two, this time in Baked Clay.

Listening to the end of Haven Kimmel's Something Rising (Light and Swift) I wove 40" inches before I left to pick up Jackson.

Really, even after tossing his cookies and getting a quick wash up the kid is gorgeous! His eyes get me every time!


  1. Baby in the sink! Way too cute :)
    Oh, nice towels too, and if it helps? Snowed last weekend and flattened all the daffys :(

  2. Jackson is just too cute for words!
    The Baked Clay is an awesome color. Good work, Char!
    Cold and damp here.

  3. The Ms and Os look great, I love the weights! And that Jackson is so adorable.

  4. I really liked that audiobook. If you read/listen to the second part of her non-fiction memoir "She Got Up off the Couch" you will totally see where the mother and father characters come from.

  5. What a doll baby that Jackson is! Your selvedges are looking really good now. I like the colors you're using.

  6. I love the pattern AND the color combinations. Those looks wonderful!!

  7. The weaving is beautiful and Jackson is amazing! They grow so fast. Aren't grands the best???

  8. Your weaving is fabulous! I am looking forward to getting a little weaving done this summer :-)
    Jackson is a beautiful baby!