Friday, March 28, 2008

More M's and O's

The last two towels were with some 8/2 mill ends in Pecan. I have several cones of this and I use it often. It's a nice neutral taupe which works well with a wide range of colors.

Like many other weavers I've experimented with many types of hems and this is what works for me when I'm making towels. I use 100% cotton sewing thread for just under 1/2", then I begin using the pattern weft and weave for just over 1/2". I throw two picks in the same shed when starting my pattern just because I like the way it looks at the fold.

I'm always thrilled when I see the cloth beam filling up with new fabric but alas - it's coming to an end!

I used Davison's M's and O's Three by Three Plaid (p. 64), inspired by Leigh's work. I love reading about the history of each structure. Just as I reached the end of the warp I started looking through Anne Dixon's the Handweaver's Pattern Directory. Dixon recommends a weft thread which is thicker than the warp. Dixon also warns that floating selvedges must used and she recommends setting the selvedges as follows:

left selvedge: float,4,2,3,1,44,33,22,11
right selvedge: 44,33,22,11,4,2,3,1,float

I think I'll try that the next time so I can make some comparisons. Unfortunately there wasn't much warp left to experiment with a thicker weft but I did throw a few inches of 5/2 (brown and gold) and 4/4 (the variegated).

I'm teaching this weekend but hopefully I'll have enough energy tomorrow night to stitch between the towels and throw them in the wash. I like the look of the 5/2 on the loom. I'll be interested in seeing how they all wash up.


  1. All the colors you used were really pretty, I can't wait to see how they look once finished and washed.

  2. Looking good, Charleen! Thanks for the info about the selvedges too. Next time I'll try a floating selvedge. Problem is, I don't have this book and now I want it! ;)

  3. I love the dumbbells! I can't wait to see what the towels look like washed.