Saturday, January 05, 2008

Winter Break

This post has been sitting in my queue since 12/26. I thought I would update my works in progress, but that can wait. I'm starting a marathon work session. I'll be working every weekend until the middle of February and then it will be every other weekend until the end of April. It's self-imposed and working towards the goal of semi-retirement so despite the long hours it won't be too bad.

I've been uploading tons of audiobooks into iTunes in anticipation of my travels over the next few weeks. I used to go through all of this rigamarole - import the cd, use an mp3 joiner to create one or two files, etc. Then I found this nifty little program, Audiobook Builder. For a mere $10.00 it works with iTunes to join the tracks and make one or two manageable files. So what have I been listening to lately? Lots of Kathy Reichs (Bones). I finished Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult and have My Sister's Keeper up next. I was on a big Chris Bohjalian kick. I read Midwives a few years ago and this fall read Buffalo Soldiers, Double-Bind, Before You Know Kindness. Carolyn Parkhurst's Lost and Found was wonderful, as was Dogs of Babel, although it was a little difficult to get through as I was reading it when my mother died. Both of Khaled Hosseini's books were great, A Thousand Splendid Suns and Kite Runner, which he narrated himself.

What have you been reading/listening to?


  1. You _must_ read _Water for Elephants_. We just did it in book group on Friday and everyone liked the book (rare in this group).
    Another good one is _The Space Between Us_...a good "women's relationships" book.
    Your audio choices sound good....I'll have to look up some of them.

  2. All I seem to be listening to lately are the voices of my family! But I'm thankful for each of them. Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful. Mine didn't bloom. I'm thinking I got one of those that blooms at Easter. Did you contact Carolyn?

  3. Nice cactus!
    I just finished reading James Gleick's Chaos Making a New Science. Lots of inspiration in there. I also finished Tony Hillerman's new book - I can't think of the title.
    I made a note of the books you read and Valerie recommended and will check back to see if anyone else has suggested any.

  4. Well, I'm reading lots of schlock vampire fantasy stuff. The next six weeks are cruch time at work so I need stuff that takes very little mind power to get involved in but, at the same time, is easily set aside. On the audiobook front, I second the nomination for Water for Elephants, also a must is The Blood of Flowers (lots of fiber and rug weaving in the story as well - the narator's accent just adds to the depth of the story). Neil Gaiman's Nevermind and Terry Prachett's Making Money are on the iPod also.

  5. I love the audiobooks, but sometimes I like a videoblog or podcast.
    Lately the TED lectures
    Weavecast - i suspect we all know these, but I am just catching up!
    Threadbangers - for pure abandon of the rules

  6. I download books from, which come in manageable chunks. Things I have listened to or read recently: The Yiddish Policeman's Union by Michael Chabron, John Sanford's Dark of the Moon (mystery), the latest in the Monkeewrench myster series (author is P.J. Tracy), and a very good novel in Spanish by Ignacio Padilla -- I don't think his stuff has been translated yet.