Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weaving Progress

The loom was finally warped and threaded and ready to go. I thought the variegated yarn would allow me to use several different weft colors. After sampling these five bobbins I found that although the colors matched they didn't do anything for the fabric.

I settled on a deep wine that I hadn't considered earlier, it's much richer than it shows on screen, and wove two towels.

I had nixed the idea of using black originally, but I'm happy with the way the black lets the warp show through. It also allows the structure (false damask) to move to the foreground.

I'm also kicking myself for changing the threading to even blocks. The first time I used false damask the block B was twice as wide as block A and I think it the contrasting sizes adding much to the total design. Oh well, live and learn. These, after all, towels! Like many others I can try out ideas on towel warps and still have something useful. I'll know better when I use this on a baby blanket.


  1. I love them both. I'm curious. What would it look like using the same cotton as weft? Would the structure be lost visually?

  2. Wow -- definitely one of those situations where color theory doesn't work as well as a good eye. The wine and black are excellent! However, I really do like the even blocks in the black. I think there's enough movement in the variegated warp that uneven blocks would be too much, either chaotic or muddy. As is, the proportions set up a rhythm that draws and holds a person's attention. [Get the idea that I really like what you achieved with the black?]
    The wine has a more subtle effect. I'd be inclined to use the black as upholstery, perhaps pillows on a black and turquoise (or slate and aqua?) sofa. The wine? A garment where the majority is the plain streaky part and edges are blocks.

  3. Maureen4:00 AM

    It's funny I have always used uneven blocks for my false damask and now that I have seen your even blocks I like it better and will copy you the next time i do dishtowels!
    Nice use of the varigate, something I am just starting to use.

  4. Wow, the quilting and weaving........fantastic!!! I love the towels. The black definitely sets off the blocks......but I like the cranberry as well. Very nice!

  5. Charleen, it's gorgeous!