Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Korean Tree Peonies Are Blooming

(Or Charleen Gets A New Camera)

It's that tiime of the year again. Time for my Korean Tree Peonies to strut their stuff!

Since I got a new camera I wasn't able to stop shooting pictures of flowers. My Christmas cactus hasn't stopped blooming, although I think it's on its last hurrah.

I bought a bunch of these Gerber daisies for container on the deck.

We finally got around to replacing the roof and soon we'll have new siding. To mark this momentous occasion I tried to get a picture of our new roof. Yikes! Once I saw my shadow I was forced to run inside.

Freaky, isn't it? Reminds me of these crazy guys I saw on my trip to Canada last summer!


  1. Great photos. I love the Korean Peonies. And your house looks cute.

  2. Wow...the peonie's look like so delicate, like tissue paper! Mine aren't close to blooming yet.

  3. Those peonies are lovely, the daisies are too. This is my first year to play with flowers on the porch. The kids gave me some impatients and begonias for Mother's day, along with a new bench a few weeks ago. It's really nice to have a pretty place outside! Congratulations on the new roof. Ours had started to leak a few years ago. For a long time after getting the new one, we counted our blessings with every rain storm.

  4. Those tree peonies are just beautiful!

  5. Very pretty photo. Now, are these in line for some computer design experiments??? *g*