Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Location, Location, Location

Location 1: That old adage applies to beading too.

I wanted to make another Jewel of India bracelet for my sister's birthday. I think she'll like these black/pewter/bronze delicas. I'm using a silvery gray fire polished bead as the center accent. I started with the sample on the left but didn't like the multicolored bead next to the accent bead. A little too messy looking. So I started over and put the matte pewter bead next to the accent and it looked much better.

Another hour or two and it will be finished.

Location 2
: The corrie tweed cardigan returned home with me last weekend. I dyed and started blending this fiber almost two years ago. I finished spinning and started knitting a top down pullover. Last summer I decided to rip it out and use Claudia's percentage cardigan pattern. I've been working on it at my mother's since her health began to fail last fall.

I have yet to take a good picture of this yarn. It's showing too much red on my monitor. I'm waiting on an extra long size 3 needle to do the button band and neckband and I've still got to decide on buttons.

Location 3: I bought my Lendrum Saxony last March and as much as I loved it I was having trouble with a clunking sound. It bugged me enough that I drove up to Kingston in July. Gord sat down and it didn't make a sound, but when I sat down it got noisy. He couldn't figure out why it happened, maybe the length of my leg (pretty stubby) but he put a little piece of nylon bushing around the brass shaft and that seemed to work. A few weeks later it started up again. So this week I was poking around in the archives of the Online Guild looking for spinning information and found that someone put together a list of the different wheels that people had and comments they made about them. Someone (no names were attributed) mentioned that she had a Lendrum Saxony and loved it. However she noted that she couldn't use her spinning chair anymore but that it didn't bother her because the easy chair was more comfortable anyway. Hmmm. Now I remembered that when I sat at the end of my chaise that it didn't make any noise. So I tried it again and voilà! No noise. I sat on the sofa and spun. No noise! I sat back on my spinning chair and the noise reappeared.

Expect to see much more spinning as I won't have to grit my teeth everytime I hear the clunking. On the bobbin is some gorgeous roving from Anne. This is Peacock - 65% jet black alpaca, 25% dyed silk in royal blue and teal green, and 5% bronze angelina. Be sure to check out her etsy shop.

Now this is a stretch for the location theme but too bad. The sleeves and body of the Faroe Vine Cardigan are ready to be joined. I can't believe how fast this is coming together!

There's nothing sweeter than a well designed sweater and the increases are so organic.


  1. Isn't that the most bizarre thing? The whole location = noise? It would have been driving me crazy, I tell ya.
    What's your favorite bead supplier? I need to get some size 6 beads for a project and there are a ton of choices out there.
    PS - Thank you for the nice plug for da shop. :)

  2. What a wonderful and well thought out post, Charleen. Thank you. And wow, you've sure been productive even through your busy life!
    Regarding the wheel "clunk", my Dundas (which is a castle wheel, not a saxony) will clunk if my feet aren't on the 'sweet spots' of the treadles. I guess each wheel does have it's own personality!

  3. Huh. The clunk would've driven me nuts, I'm glad you found a solution. I sit in a low easy chair to spin, and thought my lounging posture should be changed, but maybe now I'll re-think!Isn't that Lendrum Saxony just fabulous? Your cherry wood is beautiful. (Are you going to let Gord know?)

  4. I love that bracelet!
    The Faroe sleeve is gorgeous. There's something so satisfying about properly done shaping.

  5. I love the Faroe Vine cardigan. Is she selling the pattern?

  6. countrywool5:47 AM

    That wheel has been a REAL pain, but I am glad you have found a simple solution. Spin on.
    Your knitting/picture taking makes the sweater look great. Thanks for all the pattern and editing help...future knitters will thanbk you!

  7. What an interesting story about your wheel. At least it was a relatively easy problem to fix. And I agree with the others, that Faroe Vine Cardigan is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. I love the bead work and I'm glad to hear that you are not hearing your wheel - ba-da-bum.
    As a side I cannot find your email at the moment and was wondering if you perchance happen to have any old Handwoven's, say 1991 vintage, that explore their errata into more detail?
    My Sheep "Flock" from the MA 1991 Handwoven, instruction pgs 88-9 seem a little face backward at the moment. Can you hear the march of progress come to a grinding halt?
    Any help in this matter would be appreciated beyond belief.

  9. I had problems with my big Lendrum clunking a few years ago too. It turned out to be the rod that goes thru the middle of the wheel had become loose due to a family member knocking it over...grrrr. I ended up using a specific type of lock tight glue and it cured the problem

  10. You just fixed my Ashford Traveller! Thanks!!!!

  11. Gorgeous sweater. And a belated thanks for the engagement wishes. We're just delighted.

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